What Are The Best Solvents For Ink Jet Printers

One of the best, most popular solvents for ink jet printers is MEK. MEK is a versatile chemical solvent with a high evaporation rate, and for this reason is one of the preferred solvents for ink jet printers. Due to its high evaporation rate, inks produced with MEK have the ability to dry quickly. This is a particularly important quality for ink to have when being used with ink jet printers. These printers are often used to print labels for consumer goods that contain pertinent information such as expiration dates, prescription information, and safety & use instructions. These labels are typically printed using continuous ink jet printers, and as inks produced with MEK are fast drying, this dramatically reduces the risk of smudging. If you are looking for the best solvent for ink jet printers that will dry quickly and ensure readability, MEK from Ecolink may be just what you need.

Benefits of Shopping MEK with Ecolink:

  • High Quality – Ecolink proudly provides high quality, high purity chemicals and solvents to ensure both satisfaction and safety. 
  • Affordable – Ecolink provides chemicals and solvents like MEK for competitive prices, so that their consumers can find high quality that won’t break the bank. In addition to this, Ecolink also offers bulk supplies of all of their chemical and solvent products that allow for the added benefits of bulk pricing.
  • Knowledge & Expertise – Ecolink and their knowledgeable staff are happy to work with you and answer your questions to make sure you receive the best solvent for your needs, in addition to any necessary storage and safety information.
  • Eco Friendly – Ecolink strives to provide these necessary chemicals in an environmentally friendly manner, in addition to offering green chemical alternatives and chemical recycling resources. 

Need to find solvents for ink jet printers?

If you are in need of MEK or other solvents for ink jet printers, contact Ecolink here! Ecolink and their knowledgeable team are standing by and ready to help you find the right chemicals for your needs. Call today to get started!