sodium hypochlorite vs chlorine

Sodium Hypochlorite vs Chlorine 

What is the difference between sodium hypochlorite vs chlorine? Sodium hypochlorite (the  chemical name for bleach) is a toxic compound that is very easily produced and common, having been around for over 5 millennia. Bleach is commonly used as a cleaning agent and as a go-to sanitizing agent across a variety of industries. Chlorine, on the other hand, has been used since the 18th century when it is believed to have been invented (discovered) by a Swedish chemist named Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Typically, chlorine is found in two primary types of compounds, Sodium Chloride (commonly known as table salt) and Hydrogen Chloride, which when mixed with water, becomes acidic and a powerful solvent and cleaning agent. 

The term Sodium Hypochlorite stems from the compound of Sodium, Hydrogen, and Chlorine that when mixed together creates bleach. Effectively, to be able to produce sodium hypochlorite (bleach), chlorine must be used as a principal component of the compound. To better understand the differences and benefits of both products, consulting our expert chemists at  Ecolink will provide you with the answers you seek when determining the suitable product for your cleaning and chemical needs. 

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