4 Ways to Reduce Industrial Chemical Disposal Costs

Most industrial chemicals have a four-stage life span: The solvent manufacturer creates the chemicals, the solvent user implements them, and then the user sends the chemicals to the waste trap. From there, a chemical waste disposal outfit removes the solvent from the trap.

If it sounds simple, it is, but the scenario isn’t always free of complexities. For some companies and organizations, one complexity is determining how to reduce the cost of industrial chemical disposal that accounts for too much of the annual operating budget to be considered an affordable, long-term solution. If your outfit is in this position, we propose the following measures that can help you mitigate waste disposal costs.

  1. Use a Parts Washer to Recycle Solvent

One way to mitigate the financial burden of solvent disposal is to use a parts washing system that’s designed to purge solvents of soils, and prepare the solvents for reuse within the washing system. Receiving several washing cycles from a single solvent application reduces the amount of solvent you place in the washer. By extension, it reduces the need to release used solvent into the waste trap.

  1. Implement More Powerful Solvents

Implementing more power cleaning solvents is another way to reduce the cost of industrial chemical disposal. If using a more power solvent lets you use less solvent than before for the same cleaning operations, it ostensibly means that less of the cleaner will see the waste trap. However, because some chemicals cost more to remove than others, the first thing to consider is how much it would cost to dispose of a particular solvent you’re considering using.

  1. Use Aerosol When Appropriate

The dispensing method of aerosol, in which a uniform spray of fine particles settle on the cleaning surface, tends to send less liquid into the waste trap than solvents that have a more generous method of application, such as spray bottle application or power washer application. Aerosol is a great option for cleaning precision parts that have complex geometries, cleaning flat work surfaces that accumulate dirt and grime, and general spot cleaning operations.

  1. Implement a More Eco-Friendly Solvent

Just as sending toxic solvents into the waste trap can drive up the cost of industrial chemical disposal due to the solvents’ hazardous formulation, which requires the disposer to take special safety measures and implement special, precision removal processes, eco friendly solvents that have a better safety profile can have the opposite effect. They can cost less to remove.

According to Indiana University at Bloomington (UAB), “Disposing of the hazardous waste generated at IUB for one year costs approximately $100,000.” IBU has a big campus, but the institution is far from an industrial outfit that frequently cleans a large volume of critical surfaces and industrial equipment. A highly cost-effective waste removal strategy could potentially save a large, industrial facility at least six figures in waste disposal costs annually.

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Ecolink is a supplier of industrial grade, eco friendly cleaning solutions that are better for humans and the environment than the toxic, old generation solvents they’re designed to replace. In addition, the environmentally preferred formulation of many of our cleaners can be helpful for reducing waste disposal cost for the reasons covered above. To inquire about our stock products and custom formulations, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or use our contact form.