Printing with N-Propanol

N-Propanol is available!

As technology improves the demand for a better printing quality improves as well. This is forcing the industry to find better solvent options. If you are looking for a good quality and economic source of ink N-Propanol is the solution. In the printing industry N-Propanol is mainly used in flexographic and special screening prints. It facilitates more economic printing while providing higher quality ink. N-Propanol provides higher ink stability, steady viscosity, advantageous wetting behaviour, and less foaming. N-Propanol solvency power helps maintain the solubility of ink resins as well. N-Propanol is perfect for printing and ink applications since:

Benefits of N-Propanol In Printing Applications

  • Economic printing.
  • Higher quality.
  • Low odor which is good when printing food packaging.
  • Higher printing speed.
  • Less scrap.
  • Saving concentrated ink.
  • Ideal evaporation rate for printing
  • Avoids defects like dirty printing or feathering due to its high solubility.

Using N-Propanol revealed over 20% savings in concentrated ink and related costs versus other source of inks. It is also easier to recycle N-Propanol since it requires less energy to purify it in comparison to other chemicals.

Other Uses of N-Propanol

Did you know that N-Propanol can be used as a solvent for cosmetics, perfumes, lacquer formulations, antifreezes, soaps, bug removers, and window cleaner as well?

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