Practicing Green Chemistry – Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Practicing Green ChemistryThe push for companies to use eco friendly products has reached industrial businesses that use cleaning solutions for their industrial products, since it has been discovered that many of the cleaning and degreasing solvents used by industrial organizations are harmful to both people and to the environment. Carbon footprint conscious companies such as Ecolink are trying to help industrial companies practice the art of utilizing green chemistry, which involves transitioning to eco friendly cleaning solutions. Why? Well, most importantly, thorough research has been conducted that can directly relate long term health problems that have appeared in workers both currently and formerly employed at industrial businesses who were in usual and frequent contact with certain chemical solvents. Unfortunately, some of these medical problems include the manifestation of cancer, of which some forms of development are fatal. The fact that evidence exists that some chemicals used in industrial cleaning solutions can cause or increase the risk of cancer is more than enough of a reason for companies like Ecolink to alert industrial organizations to this threat, and help them transition to green alternative options that incorporate solutions created by green chemistry.

Federal regulatory committees, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are one hundred percent behind Ecolink’s desire to help all industrial organizations that are still using harmful chemical solvents to clean and degrease components. Though perceived as “watchdog” groups, the EPA and OSHA are issuing mandates that serve to keep workers and the environment out of harm’s way. However, it is sometimes difficult for organizations to keep up with compliant cleaning solutions, which is why companies like Ecolink are so helpful with informing business of  hazardous chemicals and ways to reduce use and waste. In addition, Ecolink also offers documented proof of eco friendly cleaning solution alternatives produced through the use of green chemistry that clean and degrease industrial products as well as, if not, better than older industrial cleaning solvents. Therefore, there is no reason for any industrial company to continue using hazardous cleaning solutions that hurt people and the environment.

Why use harmful chemical compound agents when you do not have to? Allow Ecolink to help your industrial business switch to an eco friendly cleaning solution that will clean and degrease components better than your current ingredient, and will be less expensive. There is no losing scenario for industrial organizations to contact Ecolink and learn how to make the change to an eco friendly cleaning solution. By completing a comprehensive review of your chemical usage, Ecolink is sure they will find ways to improve cleaner performance, save on chemicals usage while reducing overall chemical waste.  All of these things mean safer work environments for employees and reduced cost for business. Do you really need another reason other than removing a serious threat to your employees and the environment if you were to transition to green chemistry practices? You do not. Call Ecolink today.