5 Famous Environmentalists

What are Environmentalists? 

Environmentalists are individuals who devote time and effort to protecting the environment. These individuals come from different backgrounds and yet have a common goal or belief. The commitments made by environmentalists address several issues in the environment. Whether it is climate change, preservation, or restoration, each environmentalist has made a positive, influential change in the environment that is worth discussing.  

  • John Muir 

 John Muir is a famous environmentalist, naturalist, and conservationist who advocated for nature in many ways. Muir had a way with words that inspired others. His many writings broadcasted nature, it inspired those around them and provided a new perspective on nature itself. Due to Muir’s love for nature, several national parks have been established.  

  • Jane Goodall

 Jane Goodall is best known for spending years exploring social interactions with chimpanzees. Her exploration provided new perspectives and corrected previous insights about the species, noting that they are knowledgable and sociable. Goodall has been a very influential individual and is commonly known when it comes to being an environmentalist.  

  • Alexander von Humboldt 

 Alexander von Humboldt is considered the Father of Environmentalism. Humboldt was intrigued by his surroundings and discovered ideas that were considered radical at the time. Humboldt wrote his discoveries from traveling and seeing different species around the globe that would go on to interpret nature for what it is and inspire creative thinkers and curious minds. 

  • Wangari Maathai  

Wangari Maathai is the first African American woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Maathai was a professor and activist who fought for social, environmental, and political change. Additionally, she is known for the Green Belt Movement, which planted millions of trees as a solution for women in Kenya’s needs (i.e., food, water, convenience, and reliability). 

  • Aldo Leopold 

Like many individuals on this list. Aldo Leopold was more than just an Environmentalist and falls into many categories due to his acts and accomplishments. Some consider Leopold the Father of wildlife ecology and he is best known for his text, A Sand County Almanac. 

These individuals have left a true imprint on the world today. Their accomplishments and accompanying text have inspired many. 

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