Four Ways That Using Non Toxic Solvents Can Save Money

Industrial cleaning solvents can be categorized in several ways, one of the most important of which is whether they contain ingredients that are hazardous to human health or have a safe formulation that classifies them as non toxic solvents. Using the latter type of solvents can prevent a variety of negative health conditions that range from acute (e.g., upset stomach and dizziness) to chronic (e.g., nerve damage and cancer). In preventing these maladies, non toxic solvents save organizations money by helping them avoid the following situations.

  1. High Number of Sick Days Taken

Acute health conditions that toxic chemical exposure causes can linger for days after the source of exposure is removed. Consequently, it isn’t uncommon for employees who are exposed to the chemicals to take a higher number of sick days than employees who aren’t exposed. Sick days are more than hindrance to productivity in the workplace; they essentially amount to paying employees for not working.

  1. Workers Compensation Claims

When chemical-related injuries in the workplace lead to extended periods of sickness, the injured often file workers compensation claims. When evidence of injury is obvious and the injured hire an attorney, employers typically have no option but to pay the claim — and paying it can be costly indeed. In addition to paying for wage replacement, the employer often pays for claimants’ medical treatments that the injury necessitates, as well as vocational rehabilitation.

  1. Chemical Injury Lawsuits

Also known as “toxic torts”, chemical injury lawsuits are frequently filed by employees who work with dangerous chemicals and suffer chronic, poor health as a result. Wikipedia defines a toxic tort as “a particular type of personal injury lawsuit in which the plaintiff claims that exposure to a chemical caused the plaintiff’s injury or disease.”

Depending on the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries and the level of pain and suffering experienced, settling a toxic tort could cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to many millions more, not including attorney fees. Using non toxic solvents helps companies avoid these lawsuits and the tremendous impact they can have on the bottom line.

  1. Need for High-Level Protective Wear

Using non toxic chemicals may still require workers to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). However, the “level” of PPE required, as defined OSHA, is often lower than the level of PPE required for working with toxic solvents. Consequently, organizations stand save money on PPE when they replace toxic solvents with non toxic ones. For an explanation of the levels of PPE, see this helpful resource that the United States Department of Labor provides.

Let Us Supply Your Non Toxic Solvents
At Ecolink, we specialize in providing non toxic solvents that have a better safety profile and the same cleaning power as the toxic cleaners they replace. We often think of non toxic solvents as being good for the environment — and they are. But solvents that contain no hazardous ingredients can also help organizations save money in the ways listed above, among others.

If your organization uses toxic solvents that need to be replaced, call us at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact page on our website, to get started on finding suitable replacements. We look forward to helping you save money through the use of non toxic solvents.