Six Financial Pitfalls That Non HAPs Replacements Help Prevent

Are you looking for “non HAPs replacements”? If so, you’re making a wise move in several respects, especially if your company uses a large volume of cleaners that contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). The pitfalls of using solvents with HAPs are often discussed from an environmental perspective, but the potential financial pitfalls of using them isn’t talked about as much. That’s why we’re presenting five financial pitfalls that non HAP alternatives help prevent.

  1. Government Fines

HAPs are officially identified in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) hazardous air pollutants list, which was instituted following the 1990 Clean Air Act. If a company uses any the chemicals on the list to the extent that it violates emission caps, a government fine may ensue.

  1. Workers Comp Claims

HAPs can cause health problems in those who work with them. In some cases, the effects are so debilitating that a lawyer recommends filing a workers comp claim. The more comp claims you pay, the greater the chance that your workers compensation insurance premiums will rise.

  1. Increased Sick Days

In addition to causing chronic health issues, HAPs can cause acute states of poor health, such as respiratory distress. When the effects are bad enough to make employees take sick days, a company can lose ground financially, as it essentially pays the workers for doing no work.

  1. Reduced Productivity

When HAP exposure leads to increased sick days and long-term disability for workers, productivity can take a significant dip, particularly if the positions that need to be filled require in-depth training. In the end, reduced productivity can lead to shallower revenue streams.

  1. Legal Settlements

The problems above can drill a hole in a company’s coffers, but they rarely have the budget shattering effect of a costly settlement that ends a liability case. In addition to spelling doom for the bottom line, settlements can hurt a company’s reputation when they make the public news.

  1. Damaged Reputation

If word gets around that your company is in trouble for using cleaners that contain HAPs, it could impact its relationship with business partners and customers. Since the green movement began, companies and individuals have displayed increased environmental awareness. Parties committed to green practices prefer to work with companies that are committed to them, too.

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