Ecolink 4005: The Safe Replacement for nPB and TCE 

Solvents, as reliable and popular as they are, are not all as safe as one would expect. Unfortunately, those that are most commonly utilized by industries are generally toxic. However, here at Ecolink, we are dedicated to supplying eco-friendly alternatives that are safer for both you and the environment. One such product that is formulated as a substitute for toxic solvents like nPB and TCE is Ecolink 4005 Non-Flammable Solvent. 

The Reasons For Replacement 

Before we can delve into our ambitious and reliable solvent, we must first explain why it is a recommended replacement for the solvents listed above. 

N-Propyl Bromide (nPB), also known as 1-bromopropane, is a versatile industrial solvent. It is often utilized in some of the following applications: 

  • Dry Cleaning 
  • Metal Cleaning 
  • Vapor Degreasing 
  • Adhesives 

It is one of the most popular solvents on the market, however, it is also classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC), due to its toxic chemical properties.  

VOCs are harmful gases that arise from various artificial organic solvents. Depending upon the period of exposure, these gasses can compromise the health of both people and the environment. Because of the harm they cause, there has been a great effort to lower their emissions since 1990, with the passing of an Eco-Friendly Act. 

Trichloroethylene (TCE), similarly to nPB, is also a versatile industrial solvent and a known VOC solvent. Some applications it is used for include:  

  • Refrigerants  
  • Metal Cleaning 
  • Dry Cleaning 
  • Degreaser  

Despite the efficiency of these solvents, their volatile organic compound classification deems them as a serious risk to workers and environmental health, meaning that a safe, but equally effective replacement is needed.  

Ecolink 4005: Makeup & Benefits 

The Ecolink 4005 product is an intricate mixture of two chemicals: Trans-1,2 dichloroethylene (t-DCE) and Hydrofluoroether (HFE). It can accomplish many of the tasks that nPB and TCE can, including for degreasing purposes.  

The non-flammable solvent, along with its eco-friendly features, ensures highly effective degreasing capabilities without compromising the safety of humans and the environment.  

Some of the benefits that come with its usage include: 

  • Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) 
  • Non-hazardous 
  • Non-flammable 
  • Non-ozone-depleting 
  • Can be utilized on various surfaces, including metals and non-metals 

Interested in solvents like Ecolink 4005? 

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