Four Reasons to Switch to a Non Flammable Parts Cleaner

As a general category of cleaning solvent, parts cleaner is conventionally formulated with ingredients that have a flash point, which means they will ignite when exposed to the right amount of heat. When a flame or a spark touches the solutions when they are wet, they can ignite instantly, causing damage to parts they were used to clean and the person performing the job — a scenario that could potentially cost millions in lost equipment and legal settlements.

Benefits of Using Non Flammable Parts Cleaner
Preventing equipment damage and avoiding injury lawsuits are two reasons why companies switch out their conventional parts cleaner with one that doesn’t have a flash point, but there are also some additional, more commonplace benefits that companies receive when they switch from a flammable to a non flammable parts cleaner, four of which are presented below.

Broader Spectrum of Application
Flammable parts cleaner should never be used for some applications, such as cleaning energized electrical parts in maintenance applications that require a quick turnaround (e.g., degreasing the engine of an airliner before it returns to the runway). Because many maintenance applications ideally require the use of a non flammable parts cleaner, it is only sensible to switch to a non flammable solution that can be used for a wider variety of cleaning applications.

Easier to Comply With Fire Codes
Many states and municipalities have adopted a version of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code (NFPA 30). Using a flammable parts cleaner may mean that your company must use the solution within the parameters of the code, which can impact how much solution you can use, and how you can use it. Using a non flammable parts cleaner helps you avoid implementing NFPA 30 compliance measures.

More Options for Cleaner Storage
Parts cleaner that has a low flash point often presents concerns regarding how it should be stored. Ideally, it should be located in an area where no combustibles are present, including electrical infrastructure components that could ignite due to an arc flash or faulty electrical components. A non flammable cleaner, on the other hand, presents no such concerns. If need be, you can store it alongside combustibles without worrying about creating a fiery aftermath.

Reduced Protective Equipment Expense
Workers who use flammable cleaning solutions for applications that could cause them to ignite should be provided with flame retardant personal protective equipment (PPE) that offers head to toe coverage. If your company has a large workforce that uses flammable cleaners, providing such a high level of PPE can become quite costly. Although non flammable cleaners may not eliminate the need for PPE, they may allow you to invest in a less costly level of the equipment.

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If your company currently uses a parts cleaner that has a flash point — however high or low it may be — switching to a non-flammable parts cleaner offers some obvious benefits, particularly the four listed above. If you are in the market for a non-flammable, commercial grade cleaning solution, Ecolink can provide you with a ready made parts cleaner or a specially formulated parts cleaner that is non flammable and meets a wide variety of crucial parts cleaning needs.

For assistance choosing the best non flammable parts cleaner for your cleaning applications, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact page on our website. We look forward to supplying you with a non flammable solution that helps you realize the benefits listed above.