Mineral Spirits in The Art Industry

Mineral Spirits in the Art Industry

Mineral Spirits, if used properly, can help you save time and money in the art industry. Its main application is as a brush cleaner since it has a high solvency strength. The contact with Mineral Spirits in low quantity are harmless to your body. It is important to remember that even though Mineral Spirits are safer alternatives to other chemicals is still important to take precautions while using this chemical in order to prevent any possible reaction. Always read the label and never try to use more than recommended.

Mineral Spirits Applications in the Art Industry:

  • As a Brush Cleaner

Mineral Spirits works great as a cleaning agent. It can remove all the paint of your brush no matter the condition of your brush. Mineral Spirits helps to maintain brushes in good condition. What is nice about Mineral Spirits is that you can put a little of this chemical in a jar, clean your brush with it, and then save the jar with the liquid. Yes, you can reuse Mineral Spirits and this way you are saving time and money.

  • Creates A Different Style

Using small drips of Mineral Spirits on your painting can help you achieve a “messy” look if you want to go for that vibe.

  • To Blend Colored Pencils

Mineral Spirits can help you achieve a good blend result when using pencil colors without the need of a lot of expensive materials or techniques. Mineral Spirits break down the color that is difficult to blend in order to distribute the color over the painting/image that you are working on, and the best part is that it results in a professional finish. With the help of a cotton bund and mineral spirits you can use colored pencils as an alternative to watercolor pencils.

  • As a Replacement For Turpentine

Did you know that Mineral Spirits can be used as a substitute for Turpentine? This is perfect for the Art Industry. And the best part is that Mineral Spirits are safer to use due to its low VOCs. Turpentine can cause breathing problems, on top of that it is highly flammable, and it is a potentially hazard substance to have in an art studio/home. Mineral Spirits are not only safer to your body, they are more affordable than turpentine and it can also yield better results since it prevents paint cracking.

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