Is Trichloroethylene in Laundry Detergent?

Examples of Metal Degreasing Solvents

Metal degreasing is considered an essential process in the cleaning of industrial machinery, as the removal of grease and debris will prevent corrosion of the equipment and mechanical resistance. Finding an effective metal degreaser can end up saving companies hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages or replacements.    

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some examples of metal degreasing solvents. 

What Are Some Common Examples of Metal Degreasing Solvents?  

While many solvents are great for a variety of industrial applications, there are some that are more optimal for metal degreasing than others. Here are some of the best chemicals used for degreasing metal parts, tools, and other machinery in industrial settings: 

Trichloroethylene (TCE)  

  • TCE is easily one of the most popular options for degreasing and cleaning metal, especially as a vapor degreasing solvent. Because of its non-flammability and high boiling point, the solvent can dissolve difficult grease and oils. Unfortunately, TCE is slowly being phased out due to its high toxicity and associated negative health effects.  

n-Propyl Bromide (nPB)  

  • nPB is also considered an effective degreasing agent for both plastics and metals. Like TCE, this chemical is highly toxic and is also classified as an air pollutant.  


  • There are many acetone-based solvents available for degreasing and cleaning metal. Acetone is considered a safer option than many hazardous solvents, because of its low toxicity and strong degreasing capabilities. Acetone-based products are also generally VOC exempt or low VOC.  

Green Solvents  

  • Like acetone-based solvents, there are many green solvents that are formulated specifically to replace traditionally toxic solvents, ensuring both worker and environmental safety.  


  • Alcohol has long been an effective cleaning and degreasing agent for metal equipment in industrial applications. Alcohol is a low VOC solvent and is considered a safer option than TCE or nPB.  

Since many popular chemicals used to degrease and clean metal are toxic to workers and the environment, many companies are making the switch to safer products that end up saving more money because of fewer regulations.  

Interested in Purchasing Safer Chemicals for Metal Degreasing?  

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