Isopar vs Kerosene

Isopar vs Kerosene

It is well known that one of the most common solvents that are usually used by most companies and people is kerosene. As most people know, Kerosene is an oil distillate that can boil between 150 C and 275 C. Before electricity was discovered most people used kerosene in oil lamps. However, scientists have found that kerosene can cause several damages to the environment which is why one of the best solvents that are also safer to use is Isopar.

What is Kerosene?

Kerosene is an extremely flammable hydrocarbon liquid that is often used as a fuel. This particular product typically has a yellow color and has an unpleasant odor. This product contains sulfur and is considered to be tremendously toxic for the environment and the human beings.

What is Isopar?

Isopar is a pure synthetic isoparaffin solvent that has a uniform quality and is mostly odorless, which can make easy for workers and clients to control and work. Also, Isopar has a low toxicity range and is considered to be non-carcinogenic, it has an excellent consistency and a high chemical and thermal stability, and an incredible resistance to oxidation when it comes of long periods of storage or shelving.

Advantages of using Isopar solvents

There are several uses of Isopar solvents. Mostly, because of their uniformity, Isopar solvents can eliminate unwanted impurities and are capable of removing adverse reactions in industrial processes. Most sectors where Isopar works excellent are Industrial and Dry cleaning, Decorative coating, Metalworking, Household consumer products, Pesticides, and Paints.

Primarily in the industrial cleaning, Isopar has been replacing common solvents such as kerosene and other solutions, mainly because they possess high cleaning power and the particular product can reach and clean the most difficult sections of the machine’s parts.

Talking about the environment, kerosene is recognized to release black carbon, which are small particles of soot that are released to the atmosphere thanks to kerosene. Scientists have shown that black carbon is tremendously dangerous for human health and especially the environment. They believed that black carbon could absorb sunlight and heat which can warm the air making the environment to have drastic changes. Also, Kerosene is considered a fuel which causes it to be hazardous waste. Compared to Isopar, which is a product wholly reusable and even recycling it. Also, an interesting fact about Isopar is that it will not damage most plastic and elastomer and because Isopar fluids have narrow boiling ranges it is easy for recover the product, and it would not cause harm for humans.