Ester or Not? The Truth About Ethyl Acetate  

When it comes to identifying compounds, chemists like to use “groups” to distinguish molecules. For example, every alcohol compound has an alcohol group. This is a hydrogen bond to oxygen bond to the rest of the molecule. These groups are useful for many things, such as naming compounds and producing molecules. One of these groups is known as ester.  


As was the case with alcohols, all ester compounds have an ester group. While this group is slightly more complicated than an alcohol group, it involves a carbon double bound to an oxygen and a single bond to another oxygen in the middle of the compound.  

This structure leads to some characteristic properties of esters, such as:  

  • Mild polarity, above that of ethers but less than that of alcohols  
  • Solubility in water  
  • Greater volatility than other types of compounds of similar size and weight  

Esters are used for a variety of purposes. One common use is in the saponification reaction, which is a fancy word for the reaction that produces soap from fats and oils. Esters are present in fire extinguishers for this reason; the saponification reaction is useful in extinguishing oil fires. Esters are also present in many fruits and are often responsible for their pleasant aroma.  

Is Ethyl Acetate an Ester?  

 This substance is a clear and colorless liquid with a pleasant aroma and is a common ester. Most esters are formed by the reaction of an alcohol and an acid, often a carboxylic acid. In this chemical’s case, these compounds are ethanol and acetic acid. This chemical is commonly used as a solvent for products such as paints and perfumes. These products benefit from being able to dry quickly, which is aided by the high volatility of esters.  

Where to Buy Ethyl Acetate  

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