How to Decide What Isopar™ To Use

Isopar™ is a brand name for isoparaffinic fluids from Exxon Mobil Chemical. Isoparaffin is a synthetic hydrocarbon solvent with a unique combination of flash point, evaporation rate, and boiling range. Isoparaffins are virtually odorless making them particularly suitable for use in the fields of cleaning, painting, printing, the manufacture of wallpaper, and photocopying. There are different Isopar™ solvents to choose from such as but are not limited to Isopar™ C, Isopar™ G, and Isopar™ L. The different Isopar™ solvents have some similarities, but the solvents also have some differences.

Isopar C – SHOP 55 GALLON

Isopar™ C is colorless, odorless, and has a high purity. It has a high chemical stability for good end product shelf life, is compatible with most non-polar ingredients, and it is compatible with most packaging materials. Isopar™ C delivers one of the narrowest boiling ranges for hydrocarbons for the optimal combination of flash point and drying time. Isopar™ C is a cost-effective alternative to other isoalkanes with comparable performance and good spreadability properties.

Isopar™ G – SHOP 55 GALLON

Isopar™ G is a colorless, odorless liquid solvent that biodegrades at a moderate rate and will not persist nor disturb the working environment. Isopar™ G evaporates fast, which is an ideal option for self-evaporable formulations such as vanishing oils and evanescent oils. Fast evaporation enables very low viscosity formulations, permits fast and uniform spreading on metal parts. A great characteristic about Isopar™ G is that you do not have to worry about volatility chronic aquatic toxicity.

Isopar L – SHOP 55 GALLON

Isopar™ L is odorless and has minimal acute and chronic toxicity and has low surface tension ensures that fluid gets to areas that other fluids cannot reach. Isopar™ L is fully compatible with metals and polymeric materials that will not d

amage most plastics and elastomers. It has high OELs (Occupational Exposure Limits) for safer operations and lower exposure risks compared to conventional solvents. Also, Isopar™ L gives you the choice of boiling ranges and flashpoints to create a tailored cleaning solution in a wide range of evaporation rates.

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