How Ecolink 4005 can help with preventative maintenance 

Solvents are chemicals designed for a multitude of industrial practices, ranging from degreasing to extraction. An example of an industrial process these chemicals can assist with is preventative maintenance of equipment. If you are unsure of what solvent to use or would like an eco-conscious change, Ecolink 4005 Non-Flammable Solvent is the perfect product for you!  

Preventative Maintenance: Purpose & Importance  

Before we can discuss how our intricate and eco-friendly solvent can help, we must first go over preventative maintenance. 

This type of maintenance is defined as performing regular checkups and cleanups on machinery to ensure that they do not falter or break. Although it may sound simple and relatively easy, with the wrong chemicals or lack of dedication, equipment can end up being damaged or causing harm to workers.  

Equipment that is not regularly maintained can result in toxic chemical buildup, which not only poses a health risk to workers but may also result in costly repairs and replacements. By preventing contaminant buildup and utilizing a non-toxic solvent, such as Ecolink 4005, industries can create a safe workplace for their workers, as well as ensure the preservation of the environment.  

How We Can Help 

Ecolink 4005 Non-Flammable Solvent has been formulated for use on industrial and mechanical machinery. Compatible materials include those comprised of:  

  • Non-metals 
  • Metals 
  • Composites  
  • Elomasters  

Additionally, this solution, due to its eco-conscious composition, can be applied without concern for exposure to any toxic elements. It is safe for both the environment and all those that come into contact with it. The benefits of the solvent include: 

  • Low GWP 
  • No ozone-depleting substances 
  • Non-flammable 
  • Non-hazardous 
  • Chemically stable degreaser  
  • Effective replacement for hazardous solvents, such as nPB and TCE 
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance of contaminants like grease, oil, and gunk 

Interested in Learning More? 

Then we are the chemical provider for you! Ecolink is a dedicated and eco-conscious chemical distribution company, designed to provide eco-friendly, yet highly effective chemicals. If you have any questions or concerns, our approachable and dedicated staff can be contacted here. You may also browse our product page by clicking here!