How Do You Degrease Parts Safely and Effectively?

Tools, industrial machinery, car parts, and much more needs to be regularly cleaned and degreased as part of routine maintenance, but how do you degrease parts in a safe and effective way? The easiest way to degrease parts is to soak or clean them in a strong degreasing agent that will break down and wash away build up without causing damage to your tools or mechanical parts.  Acetone is a great degreasing agent that is strong, easily handled with minimal safety gear, and cost effective. Acetone is a prefered cleaning agent for degreasing parts and machinery, not only because it is affordable and easy to use, but it has a high evaporation rate and significantly reduces any risk of damage caused by moisture.

How Do You Degrease Parts with Acetone?

  • Be sure you are supplied with a high purity grade of acetone that will effectively degrease. Ecolink recommends and supplies 99% purity for industrial use. You will also want to make sure you have any necessary protective gear such as gloves and a well ventilated space to work in.
  • Depending on what kind of machinery or parts you are degreasing you will either wipe the machinery down using acetone as your cleaner, or soak parts that have small creavisies in acetone to effectively break up and wash away build up.
  • After you have cleaned or soaked your parts you simply wipe away any excess solvent and allow the parts to dry.

Need Acetone for Parts Degreasing?

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of acetone to clean and degrease your parts, tools, or machinery, shop acetone here or contact us today. Ecolink is a trusted provider of industrial cleaning and degreasing agents, that supplies high purity, bulk and standard supplies, in an environmentally conscious manner.