Flux Removal Cleaners – Custom Solutions

When circuit boards are assembled, the parts comprising the circuit board are soldered to minimize and eliminate the potential for damage. In order for the solder to make a perfect connection to the parts and to the board, a substance called flux is mixed into the solder, which removes oxidation and cleans up the surfaces of the different parts so the solder will properly adhere. After the board is assembled, some flux will still remain. A flux remover dissolves the flux and washes it away.

Flux Removal

Removing flux is considered a two step process. The first step is dissolving the flux, and the second step is rinsing the dissolved flux off the circuit board. The rinsing step is critical because after dissolving the flux, it may seem as though the solids in the flux have disappeared. However, once the flux remover has evaporated, the solids will redeposit on the board as white residue. It must be ensured that the dissolved flux solids are removed from the board before the flux remover evaporates and the solids redeposit. Depending on the reason you are using flux and on what type of surface the flux is being applied, certain industrial companies, such as Ecolink, offer custom solutions for the removal of flux. Ecolink provides flux removal cleaners of different varieties, depending on the custom needs that will best fit your solution.

Looking for Flux Removal Cleaners?

Flux removal cleaners are an important component to ensuring no damaging flux particles or residue is left on a circuit board that could later cause devastating problems to IT hardware or any electrical part or circuit board. Because it is quite a meticulous process to remove flux, please consult with Ecolink to ensure you are receiving the optimum custom solution that pertains to your exact need. We will be happy to evaluate your current cleaning process to make sure you are using the most suitable flux removal cleaner that best fits your custom solution needs. Contact us today!