The Future of Cleaning: Exploring Environmentally Friendly Solvents  

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to prioritize environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to modern processes. This ensures that we are not causing irreversible damage to our planet. And the chemical industry is no exception in this effort. In this blog, we will explain what these solvents are, and the reason behind their increasing prioritization.  

What Are Green Solvents?  

 First off, it might be helpful to brush up on what solvents are.   

Solvents are any substance that dissolves another substance, this dissolved substance is called the solute. In any mixture or solution, a solvent is present. A common example of this is coffee. Coffee is composed of a solvent, water, and a solute, coffee extract. As you can imagine, solvents play a massive role in both chemistry and everyday life. 

Green solvents are nothing more than eco-conscious solvents. These substances are often derived from plant materials. Some examples of green solvents include:  

  • Alcohols, like methanol and ethanol  
  • Hydrocarbons, such as hexane or octane  
  • Esters, including methyl acetate and ethyl acetate  
  • Ketones, such as acetone  

As is the case for regular solvents, choosing green solvents can be a rigorous process. One must consider a multitude of factors, such as toxicity and polarity.   

Another key aspect of green solvents is their sustainability. Many solvents are sourced from fossils, meaning they are not readily replaceable. By sourcing green solvents from agricultural products, they can be produced indefinitely without having to worry about completely using them up.  

The Future of Green Solvents  

 Given the relatively recent focus on sustainability, green solvents are still very much in their infancy. Current research revolves around identifying solvents that can be sustainably produced at the necessary scale and determining which ordinary solvents can be substituted with green solvents.   

While they have not gotten much traction yet, the modern emphasis on making society more sustainable all but guarantees that green solvents will become more popular as time goes on!  

Looking to Go Green?  

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