Ecolink LPA 142 Solvent In Stock

Ecolink LPA 142 solvent is a high purity solvent that is a mixture of hydrotreated isoparaffins and naphthenics, which is used in a variety of industries including metal working, agriculture, chemical processing, industrial cleaning, polishing, adhesives, and more. Due to recent hurricanes and tropical storms, there has been a disruption in the supply chain, and there is currently a shortage of LPA142 solvent in the United States. However, if you are in need of this chemical solvent, Ecolink has high purity LPA 142 solvent in stock and ready to ship here. If you are in need of LPA 142 solvent, or other chemical solvents, you can trust Ecolink to provide you with a high quality product and expert knowledge for an affordable price!

Benefits of Ecolink LPA 142 Solvent:

  • High Purity – LPA 142 is a high purity mixture that has extremely low levels of polynuclear aromatics. LAP 142 solvent also has a high flash point and narrow range of boiling point temperatures.
  • Knowledge – Ecolink is a long time, trusted provider of chemicals and solvents that can provide you with necessary information to safely use the chemicals necessary for your facility. 
  • Quality – Ecolink provides high quality, high purity, industrial chemicals and solvents, including Ecolink LPA 142 solvent, ensuring you receive the best quality for your needs, and providing peace of mind to their customers that they have a safe, stable chemical solvent.  
  • Eco Friendly – Ecolink prides themselves on providing high quality chemicals and solvents in an environmentally conscious manner. This helps to reduce risk to the environment and minimize the carbon footprint of companies that require the use of chemical solvents to conduct business,

Need More Info On Ecolink LPA 142 Solvent?

If you are looking for high quality LPA 142 solvent that is in stock and ready to ship in bulk quantities, contact Ecolink here. Ecolink is ready to help you find the best chemicals and solvents for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.