Degreasing Solvents – Industrial Uses

Degreasing solvents are generally used to prepare a part for specialized operations, such as painting. The degreasing solvent dissolves the contaminants found in machining fluids on the part. The solvent acts as a cleaning agent and is applied directly to the surface of the part needing to be cleaned. Application usually includes a spraying, brushing, or wiling motion to remove any dirt, grease, oil, loose particles, and contaminants that can be found on the material. Because of the strength and reliability of certain degreasing solvents, these products have significant industrial uses.

Industrial materials are generally very hard to rid particles, contaminants, oil, grease, and dirt because it develops a thick, crusty, and hard coating that can be painstaking to dissolve. Normal solvents and degreasers do not stand a chance of completely ridding such filth and grime from industrial parts. However, it has been proven that industrial grade degreasing solvents can do the trick, and have come to be relied on by countless industries that need heavy duty cleaning solvents.

Industrial grade cleaning solvents are frequently used to clean machinery, metal appliances, electronics, and even jewelry. As it pertains to industrial uses, gunk-laden, greasy surfaces must be attacked with a heavy duty and reliable cleaner and sanitizer. Highly concentrated, caustic, and flammable chemicals must be used for industrial grade degreasing solvents. These types of solvents are exceptional for cleaning and sanitizing areas where grease and debris gather rapidly and mold together firmly. These industrial solvents are safe for numerous surfaces, including glass and metal. Even restaurants and dining establishments use these solvents and degreasers to eliminate food particles and bacteria, because restaurants can become dirty throughout the day, and they need something that can clean fast and thoroughly.

With the exception of ecofriendly, organic solvents—of which Ecolink promotes and offers—users should remember to avoid over-exposure to certain types of degreasing solvents. Common symptoms of exposure include headaches and nausea. Long-term exposure to harmful chemicals could result in a more severe diagnosis, including liver and central nervous system damage. Because of the complications stemming from unsafe cleaning products, it is smart to research and begin using green alternatives to harmful cleaning products.