Choosing a Degreaser for a Concrete Floor: What Are Your Options?

Concrete flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring for indoor and outdoor industrial areas. Consequently, a large market has developed around concrete cleaners, of which there are practically too many brands to count. However, most brands of degreaser for concrete floors can be organized into four distinct categories: pH-neutral, acidic, alkaline, and enzymatic.

If you need help choosing a degreaser for a concrete floor, call Ecolink at (800) 563-1305 to receive professional assistance. In addition to providing pre-designed solutions for cleaning concrete floors, we can also supply customized concrete floor cleaning solutions that are formulated to address a unique set of cleaning needs, and do so at a highly competitive price.

pH-Neutral Cleaning Solutions
These types cleaners are rather mild and are typically used to clean concrete floors that have no embedded dirt or grime, particularly floors that are well-sealed. Generally inexpensive and having a good safety profile, pH-neutral solutions are a good option for everyday concrete floor cleaning operations, especially janitorial maintenance of concrete flooring in high traffic areas.

Acidic Cleaning Solutions
This class of cleaners is more stringent than ph-neutral solutions and are typically applied to remove stains, dirt, and contamination that exhibit solubility in the presence of common acid. The most common application for the solutions is the removal of efflorescence — an insoluble, metallic salt that looks like a white powder or a crystalline residue when it accretes on concrete.

Alkaline Cleaning Solutions
These types of cleaners are commonly referred to as “concrete degreasers”, as they are generally used to remove oil and grease residues from concrete. The alkalinity of these cleaners emulsifies oily residues, so they can be easily mopped up or washed away with a water sprayer. An alkaline solution is perfect for cleaning the greasy, concrete floors in auto mechanic garages.

Enzymatic Cleaning Solutions
This class of cleaners uses an enzymatic/bacterial formulation to target specific types of soils, especially stains that are starch-based, hydrocarbon-based, and protein-based. Consequently, they are often used to remove odorous stains from concrete bathroom floors. Enzymatic solutions are popular among companies that want their cleaning solutions to be as green as possible, and don’t mind investing a bit of extra money to acquire an enzymatic solution.

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If you are in the market for a degreaser for a concrete floor, the product you need is largely determined by the characteristics of the concrete, including finishing procedures that have been applied to its surface. Choosing the wrong degreaser for a concrete floor can fail to provide the right cleaning power. Worse yet, it could deface the concrete and make it expensive to restore.

For these reasons, Ecolink helps companies choose the right type of degreasing solutions for their concrete floors. If you need assistance selecting a degreaser for a concrete floor, at (800) 563-1305 to schedule a free consultation, or fill out the contact form on our website. Our experienced team of chemists are ready to supply you with the best solution for your needs!