Custom Cleaning Blends – Is your Company Missing Out?

Most businesses and organizations can find effective cleaning solutions among pre-formulated products that are found on store shelves and readily available online. However, there is also a large swath of companies and organizations that simply can’t find a readymade cleaning solution that meets their requirements, and engage in a seemingly endless process of trial and error.

In most cases, these parties need custom cleaning blends that are tailored to meet a unique set of cleaning requirements. Does your company or organization need custom cleaning blends from a supplier whose chemical specialty includes custom products? If you experience any of the following needs that a readymade solution fails to address, the answer is probably yes.

Reduce Emissions
Companies that are located in low emission zones (LEZs) must monitor their chemical emissions more carefully than businesses that are located in standard emission zones. Ecolink can formulate custom cleaning blends that produce little if any emissions that are harmful to workers or the environment, and thus help you avoid financial penalties for violating emission caps.

Minimize Fire Hazards
Companies whose products are highly flammable must do everything they can to minimize fire hazards, including using special cleaning solutions that are unlikely to ignite, or fail to ignite. Investing in a custom cleaner that has a low flashpoint or no flashpoint makes it easier to store and use the solution, both at the location of the manufacturer and the locations of its customers.

Perform Dual Process Cleaning
For the sake of productivity and maintaining good turnaround times, some businesses need to perform two or more cleaning procedures at once, such as degreasing and de-icing. Instead of buying two different products and performing two separate cleaning procedures, why not let us create a single cleaner that performs two or more cleaning processes in one application? In addition to being highly practical, using such a solution can help reduce operating expense.

Improve Worker Safety
Companies need to make the work environment as safe as possible for employees. Otherwise, the financial loss from injury settlements and workers compensation awards can really start to add up. No flashpoint, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and no toxic chemicals are three examples of qualities that can make a custom cleaner safer to use than a conventional one.

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Whether your company requires a custom cleaning solution for reducing emissions, minimizing fire hazards, performing dual process cleaning, improving worker safety, or all of these things, Ecolink is here to help. Our area of chemical specialty includes the formulation of custom cleaning blends that get the job done effectively, and minimize the drawbacks of using certain types of cleaners.

For more information about our custom cleaning blends and what cleaning needs they can be formulated to address, give us a call today at (800) 563-1305 to schedule a free consultation, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to supplying you with custom cleaning solutions that are designed for your unique cleaning requirements and associated concerns!