Custom Chemicals: Signs That Your Company Needs a Custom Cleaning Solution

For companies that strive to improve the bottom line, almost nothing is as financially worrisome as needing a unique solution that just can’t seem to be found. This situation commonly happens to companies that use a large amount of a cleaning solvent that they need to replace. However, in the absence of a suitable replacement, these companies often keep using the original solution, hoping that the passage of time will eventually result in the creation of the product they need.

Realizing the Need
Most companies replace cleaning solvents out of need and not want. However, before a proper replacement can be found, companies must realize the need for the replacement. Does your company need a new cleaning solvent? If it experiences the signs below, the answer is probably yes. If you can’t find a proper replacement for the solution you use, the experienced team of solvent specialists at Ecolink can create a product that has the custom chemicals you need.

Health Problems in Workers
Studies on the health effects of workplace environments have shown that workers who are exposed to toxic chemical agents and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can experience temporary and permanent health problems, including simple ailments such as chronic coughing and serious maladies such as nerve damage. Ultimately, unhealthy workers can decrease productivity, and increase operating costs due to workers comp and disability settlements.

Upcoming EPA Regulations
For years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been on the warpath when it comes to banning and regulating the use of hazardous chemicals in commercial and industrial environments. As one might expect, these moves by the EPA can put companies in a difficult position when they necessitate the replacement of a trusted chemical solution. If necessary, we can create a product with custom chemicals that does the job and is compliant with the EPA.

Exorbitant Disposal Expense
If your company’s chemical waste disposal expense is consuming too much of its operating budget, the easiest solution would be to decrease chemical waste, not look for a more affordable waste disposal company. In some cases, creating custom cleaning solutions that contain custom chemicals — ones that don’t need to be trapped in the waste disposal system — is a highly effective way to mitigate waste disposal expense and add money to the bottom line.

New Application / New Solvent
Sometimes, a company implements a new application that requires a new solvent to produce expected results. Depending on the novelty of the application, it may be more sensible in terms of cost, time, and the efficacy of the solvent to develop a new solution that has custom chemicals instead of trying to find the best fit among existing solvents, none of which work perfectly. Ecolink will apply our expertise to help you decide whether this is a viable option.

Contact Us Today
In most cases, companies can find a replacement cleaning solution that has a better profile than the solution it replaces by simply shopping in Ecolink’s online store. However, there are also instances when the best option would be creating a solution whose custom chemicals are perfectly suited for the application. If you think that you may need a cleaning solvent with custom chemicals, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact page on our website.