Custom Chemical Services – Doing More than Selling Solvents & Degreasers

While Ecolink is known for, and prides itself on providing custom chemical services to customers and companies that desire eco friendly, green alternative cleaning and degreasing of industrial parts, metals, components, and raw materials, our organization is striving to offer more than a product service for our clients. The professionals at Ecolink have the utmost confidence that we can become a trusted chemical advisor for your company. We believe our business model and mission can help you do more with less, meaning we can help your company use fewer chemicals, while still producing a more effective and efficient cleaning and degreasing of your industrial products. The experts at Ecolink have developed methods and solutions that enable industrial businesses to keep its chemical inventory at an all time low, yet producing even more part cleaning and degreasing needs. In addition, our professional advisors have developed ways to reclaim and recycle used chemical cleaning solvents for later reuse, which will immediately and significantly reduce the amount of chemical waste your business expends, as well as reduce your waste management costs.

Ecolink wishes to serve as your trusted chemical advisor. While we are thrilled that we are one of the lowest priced providers of eco friendly, green alternative solvents and degreasers, we also want to become your number one source for advisement and counseling regarding the state of chemical solvents at present and for the future. Ecolink wishes to lead your industrial business into the future and earn your complete trust in the process. Every single Ecolink project is well documented and held with strict confidence, which is bound by confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements. In addition, we do not require contracts from our clients. You are free to withdraw from our services at any time, but we have complete confidence in our abilities to earn your trust and to provide a level of service that cannot be matched by another custom chemical services organization.

Learning more about Ecolink is simple. All you have to do is contact us, and out experts will describe and display our proven methodologies, along with our cleaning and degreasing technologies that will seriously enhance your company’s critical manufacturing and cleaning processes. Services we offer to clients for which we provide consultation include taking steps that help your business adhere to and satisfy compliance ordinances, identifying methods that significantly reduce and altogether prevent pollution, sustaining a zero waste policy, reducing implementation costs, and training your team in chemical management. All together, these profound and critical components to improving your company’s chemical safety will also help maximize your overall production efficiency, as well as optimize your maintenance yields. Allow Ecolink to help your business solve the prevalent issues of streamlining your cleaning process with safe chemicals and reducing the risks associated with chemical solvents.