Seeking a Low Cost Composite Material Cleaner? Acetone Might Be Your Answer

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We are always excited to learn about industrial solutions that are improving their respective fields for the better, especially from customers who – like us, put an emphasis on clean ideas and cleaner solutions. In light of a recent purchase of Acetone, today we are looking at the field of composite material solutions. Producers in this field are providing a value-added process by tailoring composite material construction to individual customer needs, from idea to engineering to production. At Ecolink, we are similarly committed to providing customers the best chemical solution for their needs. Let’s take a look at what companies in this field are producing and the positive contributions they are making to industry.

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How Glass, Carbon, and Aramid Fibers are Moving Industries Out of the “Stone” Age

Composite material solutions are making their way into manufacturing industries such as wind power, aviation, automotive, boat and shipbuilding, even sports. As a result, traditional construction materials like concrete, steel and aluminum are being replaced with composite materials made of glass, carbon fiber, and aramid fiber. The products, also known as non-crimp fabric, offer several performance advantages that include:

-Up to 80% lighter than traditional materials
-Up to 5x stronger than steel
-Corrosion Resistant

In addition, production of these materials consumes far fewer fossil fuels, reducing their environmental impact. Ecolink also strives to reduce environmental impact when given the opportunity, which is why we offer chemical management solutions to help companies reduce waste and cost.

Providing Acetone for Composite Material Producers

If you’re in the business of composite material construction and choosing where to buy Acetone, look no further. As one of the most versatile, low cost and least regulated solvents on the market, Acetone is a desirable cleaner. Particularly when working with plastics, synthetic fibers, and tool cleaning. We offer Acetone for less than $500 for a 55-gallon drum. We also have Acetone for sale in 5-gallon pails with low minimum quantities. Links to our shop below:

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