Can You Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer? 

Can you soft wash with a pressure washer? Of course, you can. A pressure washer uses a  pump that is run using a power source and a hose that attaches to the pump and the soft  wash chemicals. The soft wash chemicals are specifically designed to enable you to perform  high-quality cleaning tasks without the need for high pressure. It does not mean, you cannot  use a high-pressure water system, just that high pressure is not required to perform the clean, especially when using the chemical soft wash products we make here at Ecolink. 

At Ecolink we offer nearly 40 choices of types and quantities of soft wash  chemical products designed to assist you in making your cleaning projects faster, easier, safer, and environmentally friendly. There is no need to purchase additional power or pressure washers, just simply use the devices you currently use. Only when using your pressure washer, do we suggest turning the intensity down to its lowest setting and letting the power of the Ecolink chemical soft wash product perform the task for which you purchased it. 

Benefits of shopping for soft wash chemicals with Ecolink:

  • Bulk Supply – Ecolink offers bulk sizing for all our chemical products. This includes 5- gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums to accommodate facilities of differing sizes and encourage price saving for ordering in bulk quantities
  • Knowledge and Experience – Can you soft wash with a pressure washer? What are the best chemicals for soft washing? Let the experts answer your questions! Ecolink has been a trusted provider of industrial chemicals for over 30 years and our team of chemists can answer all your questions, ensuring you receive the best chemicals and cleaning agents for your applications.
  • High Quality – You can trust that the chemicals you receive from Ecolink are high quality, stable, and safe to handle with proper use.

Can you soft wash with a pressure washer? Ask the experts at Ecolink!

If you are in need of soft wash chemicals that work well with your existing pressure wash equipment Contact Ecolink here and learn about the right chemicals for your needs.