Regulating Biocidal Products: Compliance and Standards  

The use of biocidal products to eliminate powerful and harmful destructive living organisms is a common practice in industries. Most people using these products, however, do not know how much effort goes into their regulation. These products possess these strict regulations in order for industries to implement them safely. In this blog, we will explain all you need to know for your industry to apply them properly.   

What are the regulation standards for biocidal products?  

The safety standards for these products have grown stricter in recent years. The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) is the document that includes all the legal standards and requirements for industries to adhere to. The standards set by this regulation include the following:  

  • Present data   
  • Deliver efficacy  
  • Produce a list of active substances/supplies  
  • Provide information for treatment (if necessary)  
  • Share all gathered data  
  • Submit product information  
  • Must report any SVHCS present at reportable levels  

These standards have been put into practice to help ensure that these products are as safe as possible for both humans and the environment.   

How are companies complying with these regulations?  

With such strict standards, companies need to follow them to the letter. There are several steps that companies must follow to follow them completely. These several steps include the following:  

  • Gathering data at all levels   
  • Identifying active substances based on BPR  
  • Determining supplier-related risk based on past and present data  
  • Placing all relevant data into an application dossier  
  • Automating data submissions  

Taking these steps allows companies to know that they are in compliance with all regulatory standards and therefore can perform more efficiently.  

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