Biocidal Active Substances: Functions and Benefits  

Disinfectants are common products that flood the shelves in just about any general retail store. As their name suggests, disinfectants are usually a spray or wipe that is meant to disinfect surfaces of any harmful substances. These strong cleaners can also be referred to as biocides, or biocidal products. Biocidal products are a mix of chemicals containing one or more active substances that can do a variety of tasks but mainly are used to control or destroy microorganisms. In this blog, we will cover the function of biocidal active substances in the biocidal product and some benefits of using a biocidal product in general.   

Functions of an Active Substance in Biocides  

An active substance, or active ingredient, in a biocidal product, is actually what allows the product to work in the first place. They can be chemical compounds or even microorganisms that are already saturated into a product, such as disinfecting wipes, or created when a biocidal product is utilized. If the substance is created when a product is used, it is called “in-situ generation.” As mentioned earlier, biocides can be used for a wide range of tasks. Biocides, and in extension the active substance in them, are created to protect people and animals, preserve goods, stop pests, and control harmful microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. Many products can be considered biocides. Some biocidal products that contain an active ingredient are:  

  • Wood preservatives  
  • Insect repellents  
  • Sanitizing supplies  
  • Cosmetics  
  • Water treatment chemicals  

Benefits of Using Biocides  

Depending on what industry you work in, the benefits of using biocides differ. In general, a few benefits include:  

  • Keeping industrial systems and processes running safely to prevent safety violations  
  • Helping stop the spread of germs in your workplace to prevent health code violations  
  • Ensuring certain products like paint or wood last longer  

Want to Learn More About Biocidal Products and Their Active Substances?  

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