Azeotrope-like Solvents: The Next Generation of Industrial Cleaning Solutions  

A recent trend in the chemical industry is that of taking advantage of azeotropes. These unique mixtures have special properties that can be of great use in cleaners and separations. They have been so impactful that they are being proposed as our future cleaning solutions. In this blog, we will tell you all you need to know about azeotropes and how they work.  

What Is an Azeotrope?  

An azeotrope is a mixture of two or more compounds with just the right amount of each one to grant a special property: they boil at the same rate. In other words, if you take an azeotropic mixture in the liquid state and boil half of it, there will be the same amount of each compound in the liquid and gas state.  

It is important to note that neither of the two compounds can form an azeotrope. Just as the amounts of each compound need to be perfect to form an azeotrope, their physical properties must also be perfectly compatible. These properties include:  

  • boiling point  
  • density  
  • surface tension   

What’s the Benefit of an Azeotrope?  

 Azeotropic solutions have quite a few unique properties that can be helpful for modern processes. These include:  

  • Greater cleaning power: Combining two solvents to produce a more powerful solvent is nothing new, but doing so in azeotropic proportions can amplify the effect  
  • Nonflammability: Some azeotropes exhibit nonflammability despite containing flammable compounds, meaning safer cleaners with a wider range of uses  
  • Easy recovery: Because the azeotrope boils uniformly, it is quite easy to recover from mixtures with other compounds. This means easier separation and higher recyclability  

While azeotropic properties can be frustrating when they are unexpected or undesirable. If you turn things around and use their properties to your advantage, it opens a whole new door of possibilities in the world of solvents.  

One azeotrope solution we provide is our Ecolink 4005 Non-Flammable Solvent. This solvent due to its makeup, can clean a variety of surfaces efficiently. It is also eco-conscious, making it safer to handle when compared to ordinary chemicals for both humans and the environment.   

Want To Learn More?  

Then you have come to the right place! Ecolink has been providing and promoting eco-conscious chemicals for years. In addition to our 4005-non-flammable solvent, we provide a variety of high-quality products for your industrial needs! If you are interested in this solvent or any others you might need, you can look through our chemicals here. Contact us today for more information, we are here for you!