Choosing Automotive Cleaning Solvents for Heavy Duty Vehicles: 4 Scenarios

Unless you’re in the business of producing automotive cleaning solvents, the prospect of choosing them may feel like reading Shakespeare in Greek. But, in all fairness, as the customer, you’re the one who must make an informed choice. Regarding automotive cleaning solvents for heavy duty vehicles, such as the ones listed below, that’s what we’re here to help you do.

  1. Dump Truck

Dump trucks unusually encounter the most wear in the rear holding compartment, but the compartment is designed to be banged with heavy objects and filled with oversized loads year after year. In most cases, more important than cleaning the carrier bin is degreasing the truck’s motor and associated parts. Dump trucks for industrial facilities and big construction projects can remain in motion for several hours — and for some projects, usage is around the clock.

Potential Solution: Consider using NAVSOLVE Low VOC Degreasing Solvent. You can learn about the solvent here.

  1. Army Tank

We all know what an army tank does: It cruises over rough terrain with ease and threatens enemies with the ability to deliver a cannon blast that can level buildings. Because the effectiveness of tanks ultimately depends on their speed and mechanical reliability, the wheels and tracks of the tank often receive the thoroughest maintenance focus. However, practically every motion a tank makes signifies the need to degrease the parts that facilitate movement.

Potential Solution: Consider using BULLDOG Maximum Effectiveness Degreaser. You can learn about the solvent here.

3. Police Tank

Lots of police officers are ex-military. So, some people who wear the blue uniform should feel right at home behind the steering mechanism of a tank. Unlike tanks that are used in military campaigns, police tanks — both the military variety that has no barrel and the ATV variety that’s comprised of bullet proof surfaces — are only used in special situations. As they wait to be deployed, these tanks need to be cleaned inside and out as a part of general maintenance.

Potential Solution: Consider using PREPTONE Low-VOC Handwipe Solvent. You can learn about the solvent here.

4. Asphalt Machine

If you drive an asphalt machine down a roadway or across a parking lot, it means one of two things: you’re a rich, eccentric thrill seeker, or you work for an asphalt company. Probably the latter. If you know about operating asphalt machines professionally, you understand that the holding unit of the machine accumulates layer after layer of tar quickly. What should you do to remove those seemingly irremovable, black accretions?

Potential Solution: Consider using ECOLINK 2005 Non-flammable Contact Cleaner. You can learn about the solvent here.

Need Cleaners for Heavy Duty Machinery?

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