Anti-Algae Chemicals: Preventing Algae Growth  

Water is an element not only essential for life but also for the effectiveness of various industries. When utilized for any application or product, this vital resource must be properly maintained. If it is not regularly managed the water can become tampered with many unwanted elements, including algae. Inside this blog, we will explain how to prevent this substance from affecting your industrial water supply.  

What Causes Algae to Form?  

This substance can grow and spread in a variety of settings, but several environmental factors create a perfect storm for formation. These factors include:  

  • Stagnant water  
  • Warmer temperatures  
  • High levels of nutrients  
  • Large amounts of sunlight   

This substance can also result in serious effects that compromise both human and environmental health.  

How Can I Prevent Algae from Growing?  

Though it occurs naturally in some ecosystems, excess formation can wreak havoc on water treatment systems and other types of plumbing. This excess formation can cause not only damage to your products but also to your industry’s production. To neutralize or kill what has grown no matter how significant, an algaecide is an effective and efficient solution.  

 As a preventative measure, however, you can treat your water with either bleach or chlorine (but never both together). You can also regularly upkeep your equipment to avoid larger maintenance costs.

Examples of Anti-Algae Chemicals  

There are a multitude of chemicals and methods that you can use to kill or prevent this damaging substance from forming. Some of these methods and chemicals can include but are not limited to:  

  • Copper algaecides   
  • Bleach   
  • Chlorine   
  • Sodium percarbonate   
  • Biofilm removers   

Where Can I Find the Right Chemical?  

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