Chemical Management Services: Total Lifecycle Costs vs. Acquisition Costs

Chemical LeasingOur lean[er] chemical solutions profile each stage of the chemical lifecycle and document the environmental health and safety management criteria and data management across an enterprise from dock-to-dock.


Chemical LeasingOnce upon a time, Ecolink’s founders established a total chemical management company, Strategic Chemical Management Group (SCMG), and managed all chemicals in use (lab & process, industrial gases, fuels, lubricants, etc.) for four of the largest electric power utilities operating in 1990’s: Southern California Edison (SCE), Florida Power Corp (now Progress Energy a subsidiary of Duke Energy), New Jersey Public Service Electric & Gas (PSEG) and New York Con Edison. SCE achieved more than $150M in annual cost reduction through SCMG’s strategic sourcing program and was featured in a book entitled “Harnessing Value in the Supply Chain: Strategic Sourcing in Action.”

 Chemical Management Today

Despite well documented chemical management case studies that show average chemical use reduction of 30% in addition to handling and disposal costs, less than 5% of industry and government agencies have adopted chemical management. Automotive, aerospace and military/defense are the primary adopters given their centralized purchasing, large chemical budgets and discrete manufacturing, remanufacturing processes and partner with total chemical management firms such as Haas™, Henkel™ and SAIC™.

With more than $250B spent annually in US alone on purchasing and managing industrial chemicals there is tremendous opportunities to reduce your total chemical throughput by 25-50% annually. Chemical management goes beyond invoicing and delivering product to optimizing processes, continuously reducing chemical lifecycle costs and risks, and reducing environmental impact.

Why not sample a la carte with bite-sized chemical management?

  • Work in increments as few as 5, 10 or 20 chemicals. We manage up to 1,000 SKU’s
  • Get on-site support weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually – No contracts!
  • Get phone/offsite support for a flat hourly fee – No contracts!
  • Develop a shelf life expiration–waste management program for as few as 5 chemicals
  • Secure GHS compliance for MSDS and labels for a flat fee per chemical
  • Implement filtration, distillation processes to reduce waste and disposal fees or all 800 563-1305 for FREE consultation

Chemical Management Tomorrow (Hint: Leasing vs. Buying)

What’s next? Beginning in 2006, Chemical Leasing is a service-oriented business model that shifts the focus from increasing chemical volumes towards a value-added approach. The chemical producer mainly sells the function or utility performed by the chemical and the basis of payment is a fee per unit (part cleaned/coated) instead of quantity or volume of gallons. You can start with as little as 1 chemical or chemical process. We gladly work on a cost + basis, gain sharing or hourly rate. or call 800 563-1305

Which is better: chemical management or chemical leasing?

Our Zero Waste Policy: No Burying, No Burning

waste not want notWe recognize waste as a cost, a hassle and a liability for you and your organization so we work with you to reduce your waste and to find the most environmentally friendly way to handle the waste that remains. As we work with you, we will be able to provide you with metrics (# of days without incident; # gallons/pounds disposed/year; shelf life expired materials disposed/year) that show you and your stakeholders the progress that you are making. or call 800 563-1305 to learn more about our waste, recycling, sustainability and management services across the entire United States.