Which is Better: Chemical Management or Chemical Leasing?

chemical management                chemical leasing

Chemical Management                                Chemical Leasing


How are they similar?

  • Both offer ways to bridge gap of insufficient knowledge to optimize the processes in order to reduce the consumption of chemicals
  • Both align incentives NOT to buy, use and dispose more chemicals
  • Both are long-term focused with annual metrics measured against benchmarks
  • Both reduce the high transaction costs of buying lots of chemicals from few suppliers. On average 65-75% of all chemicals purchased are from manufacturers/resellers who supply 1-3 line items.
  • Both reduce quantity and frequency of deliveries and associated packaging waste (pallets, shrink wrap, etc.)
  • Both consolidate duplicate and redundant chemicals (ex: 5 flavors of Simple Green® or WD-40®)
  • Both encourage substitution of hazardous chemicals
  • Both can be structured to capitalize on customer’s chemical waste
  • Both can be structured to minimize taxes
  • Both are under utilized especially among small to mid-sized organizations

How are they different?

  • Chemical management is more established beginning in 1990’s compared to chemical leasing which began in 2006
  • Chemical management is more embraced globally whereas chemical leasing is not actively promoted within United States one of highest chemical consumers
  • Chemical leasing places greater incentives on capital/equipment for service provider than chemical management
  • Chemical leasing is better suited for process/production/manufacturing processes whereas chemical management has more versatility and can be implemented for maintenance/overhaul/refurbish chemical processes
Who says you have to choose one over the other? Both can be implemented on small scale with as little as a single chemical or chemical process and help shift an entrenched culture product by product. Plug and play, mix and match and integrate what works best for you and your organization. Saving 25-50% on any portion of your chemical operating expense is realistic and achievable between 30-90 days. Consider solving ignored, hard chemical problems. We promise to make the challenge interesting and profitable. getstarted@ecolink.com or call 800 563-1305