When Zero Equals Hero

Chemical Waste

For companies that participate in industrial cleaning and degreasing, examining their use of chemicals may not be high on the list of priorities. But when it comes to the industrial chemical solvents used to clean and degrease parts, metals, components, materials, and products, the truth is that many industrial companies engage in wasteful methods of chemical cleaning and may not even know it. The fallout from practicing wasteful methods of chemical cleaning can be disastrous, as it can lead to environmental contamination in the soil, atmosphere, and water supply, as well as high toxicity levels in the air people breathe, resulting in sickness and long term side effects. For those industrial businesses practicing reckless methods of chemical cleaning, or are unsure of whether your methods of chemical cleaning are safe or dangerous, please conduct research into your parts cleaning methods. If the conclusion leads you to immediately consider revamping your chemical cleaning methods, please do so because you are placing both people and the environment at risk.

With the help of organizations like Ecolink, there are now zero waste chemical cleaning options available that will significantly reduce your chemical waste. The benefits of utilizing zero chemical waste methods include reduced costs to your business, and more efficient ways to dispose of waste, which includes minimizing disposal needs. First, the reasons your industrial business will save on company costs are because the methods involved in achieving zero waste include recycling chemical cleaners. By implementing a course of action that recycles your chemical cleaner during use provides you the opportunity to reuse the cleaning agent. A recycling system catches cleaning solutions that would otherwise become waste, and allows the business to use it for the next parts cleaning cycle. In addition, recycling your cleaning solution means you will not have to purchase nearly as much chemical solvents each year, and that leads to significant cost savings.

Chemical Recycling? Yes, We Do That!

Chemical recycling also has a direct effect on waste disposal needs. Recycling chemical solvents also means your industrial business will not need to incorporate as frequent chemical waste disposal services. Waste disposal services are also quite expensive, so if you have a chemical recycling system in place, the reduction in waste disposal services is yet another way your business will save money. Other methods are available in achieving zero waste solutions, and Ecolink holds the key to learning of the ways your industrial business can prevent waste from happening in your facilities. Let your business become a hero in your community by installing effective zero waste protocol, with the help of Ecolink, today.