What Does a Vapor Degreaser do?

vapor degreaserIn short, a vapor degreaser is a type of surface finishing process – a kind of industrial solution that works to alter the surface of a manufactured product or material in order to manipulate certain properties of the item – involving specific solvents that will work to clean the industrial parts so that they are ready for their intended operation. The solvent is in vapor form, hence the name “vapor degreaser.” The theory behind the process of vapor degreasing is that the solvents used in the makeup of the vapor degreaser will dissolve any and all potentially inhibiting particles and contaminants on the industrial products, and remove those operational inhibitors by dripping them from the industrial parts.

The steps taken to perform vapor degreasing are as follows:

  • The industrial company will set up a solvent basin that has been combined with a heating coil that will boil the solvent.
  • The solvent will then eventually evaporates, and the vapor produced will rise into the chamber that has been put in place to catch the vapor to where it affects the industrial component.
  • Essentially, the vaporized solvent will be in a closed space where the industrial component has been placed.
  • The condensed degreasing solvent will then adhere onto the industrial part, dissolving the dirt, grime, grease, and other contaminants found on the industrial part.
  • The impurities will eventually be contained within the liquid beads formed from the vapor, and the degreasing solvent will run down the industrial component and drip off.

Lately, many industrial businesses that offer vapor degreasing services have devised supplemental systems and methods to the vapor degreasing process that make it more economical, which involves capturing and reclaiming the degreasing solvent so that it can be used repeatedly. Other adaptations to enhance the vapor degreasing system have been made, including the use of several tanks to improve and speed up the rinsing of solvents, and the use of a degreasing solvent spray that coats the industrial part prior to entry into the chamber to loosen tougher contaminants that are attached to the industrial component, hasten the entire process, and to help more complex parts become clean.

Why use a vapor degrading process to clean industrial parts over other cleaning and degreasing processes? Probably the most important quality to vapor cleaning and degreasing methods is that vapor degreasing can be used on electronic items to remove non-water soluble particles because water that can disrupt or even break electronic devices is not used. As you know, most electronic devices are very fragile, and often quite expensive. The only safe method of cleaning these items is through vapor degreasing.

To learn more about how vapor degreasing may work to solve your industrial company’s cleaning and degreasing needs, contact Ecolink. Ecolink understands the process and the “how to” related to vapor degreasers, and can explain the process to your company to see if it is indeed the right fit for what you need for your industrial parts.