what are mineral spirits used for?

What Are Mineral Spirits Used For?

Mineral spirits, also known as white spirits, are petroleum-based solvents that have a variety of everyday and industrial uses. Whether you’re a DIYer or some sort of industry professional, read on to learn unique and effective uses for this solvent.

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What Are Mineral Spirits Used For? 

  • Paint Thinner –

Mineral spirits are a great choice for thinning or diluting any oil-based paint. Simply add a small amount to a paint try, add the paint, and mix. Add more of the solvent to thin paint even more. Repeat as necessary until the paint has reached your desired consistency. 

  • Degreaser –

Clean all your grease-caked parts by submerging them into a bucket of this solvent. The solvent will quickly degrease the metal tool, all you have to do is wipe away the remaining excess with a clean cloth. Here is a list of some items the solvent can help degrease:

    • Automotive parts 
    • Bicycles & Bicycle chains 
    • Tools (garden tools, wrenches, etc.) 
    • Industrial equipment 
    • Paintbrushes
    • & other metals
  • Clean Gum & Sticky Surfaces –

Due to a white spirit’s emulsifying properties, they are great at cleaning sticky surfaces and removing fresh gum from floors and counters. It’s important to note that this solvent should not be used directly on clothing, but is great on a variety of other solid surfaces: 

    • Removes residue on plastic surfaces leftover from price tag stickers 
    • Removes sap from sheers and other gardening tools 
  • Clean Windows –

Apply white spirit to a dry cloth and use it to remove dust, scuffs, and other marks from windows. This is a great solution for cleaning windows in an effective way that doesn’t leave behind pesky streak marks.

  • Clean Wood Surfaces –

This type of solvent is wood-friendly and is a great solution to use to clean a variety of wood surfaces such as: 

    • Doors 
    • Desks 
    • Flooring 
    • Furniture 

This solvent will remove dust, dirt, grease, paint, and scuff marks. In addition, it adds luster to the surface and is great for restoring furniture and other well-used wooden items.  

NOTE: Always make sure to remove the solvent residue after cleaning by taking a clean cloth and wiping it over the surface. 

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