What are Electrical Contact Cleaning Solutions?

Electrical contact cleaning solvents is a relatively new form of parts cleaning option available to industrial businesses needing to clean metals and materials. Electrical contact cleaning solvents are growing in popularity because of their effectiveness and simplicity as a parts cleaning agent. An electrical contact cleaning solvent is merely the use of compressed air, combined with a cleaning agent that will evaporate, such as isopropyl alcohol. An electrical contact cleaning solution is especially useful for cleaning electric components that have dirt, dust, rust, grime, oil, grease, or any other type of corrosive particles on them. Electrical contact cleaning solutions can dislodge these foreign elements and corrosive particles to thoroughly clean components.

One reason why electrical contact cleaning solvents have become such a popular solution for cleaning parts, metals, and materials is there are several brands of electrical contact cleaners available, and these cleaners can be found at many of the larger hardware stores, electronics dealers, and even hobby shops. In addition, electrical contact cleaning solvents are not expensive. Many consider this parts and materials cleaning option as an eco friendly – or “green” – alternative to using chemical compound solvents that are dangerous to people and are hazardous to the environment (Note: There are several types of industrial cleaning solvents, many of which are eco friendly. For more information, contact Ecolink).

When searching for eco friendly cleaners keep these key factors in mind:

  • Does the cleaner have a high flashpoint?
  • Will it fully evaporate leaving no residue?
  • Is it free from all hazardous ingredients as defined by EPA?
  • Does it meet numerous corrosion test requirements?

As mentioned above, Ecolink is an excellent point of contact for obtaining more information on industrial cleaning solutions. Ecolink is also a perfect source of information to learn more about the key factors that make a good electrical contact cleaning solvents. Ecolink has been involved in providing options for green alternative cleaning solutions for many years, and can be a great guide for finding the right type of electrical contact cleaning solvent for your needs. An Ecolink professional is ready to assist you, at your request.  Call today 800-563-1305.