Spray Gun Solvent Cleaners: A Solution for Aerosol Solvent

Does it seem odd that the cans of aerosol solvent your organization uses are about the size of the cans of aerosol cleaner you use at home? If you run an industrial operation that relies on aerosol solvent for business-critical cleaning applications, there’s a good chance that you use more solvent in the workplace than at home.

So, why doesn’t your organization purchase aerosol in cylinder drums that hold 36 pounds of cleaner, and are about the size of a butane drum you might use in a gas-powered grill? Making the switch can help you save money on solvent purchases and achieve a smaller footprint for solvent storage, but these aren’t the only potential benefits. You also have the chance to implement spray gun solvent cleaners, which we discuss below.

Why Spray Gun Solvent Cleaners?

Spray gun solvent cleaners are applied by using a handheld spray gun that’s connected to the cylinder of aerosol solvent, which is positioned on a small to midsize, two-wheel dolly for easy transportation. Dispersing solvent using the gun gives you greater control over the amount of aerosol deployed and the speed of its release, each of which can be controlled by manipulating a valve on the cylinder that holds the solvent.

For many organizations, these characteristics are ideal for dispensing aerosol for industrial cleaning applications for two reasons: A wider stream of particles can be emitted compared to using a spray can, making spray gun solvent cleaners ideal for cleaning the largest parts; and the force of the solvent stream can be stronger compared to using a can, making the cleaners ideal for powering through tough accumulations.

Using Spray Gun Solvent Cleaners

The best way to see how spray gun solvent cleaners operate is to watch one in action. Here’s a video of a spray gun that’s used with our solvent cylinders. As you can see from the video, setting dispersal parameters for the solvent stream can be done in a matter of seconds, and the spray nozzle through which it’s dispersed is easy to handle. We design our solvent sprayers ergonomically to support the productivity of cleaning operations.

Receive More Information Today

Ecolink has a rich history of helping companies and organizations of all sizes implement environmentally safe and environmentally preferred cleaning solvents. Many of our customers can meet cleaning needs with the help of our stock solvents that are ready to ship, but we also accept orders for custom formulations to help users that have unique cleaning requirements. In either case, you can receive a free test sample of a solvent before you place an order.

Whether a stock product or a custom formulation best meets your needs, you also have the option of receiving it in a cylindrical drum for use with the spray gun cleaner. For additional information about using our products in the form of spray gun solvent cleaners, please call us today at (800) 563-1305, our use our contact form. We look forward to helping your organization implement the best business-critical solvent solutions, and use them most efficiently.