Sewage odor Neutralizer

The Benefits of Tidal Smell Strip

If so, Tidal Smell Strip just might be the product you are looking for! Tidal Smell Strip is a slightly alkaline solution whose primary ingredient is ethoxylated nonylphenol (5%-10% by weight). Tidal Smell Strip can eradicate unpleasant odors in and around dumpsters, waiting rooms, restrooms, smoking rooms, pet areas, and other spaces where bad odors tend to linger. Read on to discover how to use Tidal Smell Strip, what some of its helpful characteristics are, and where you can purchase it!  

Applying a Sewage Odor Neutralizer

When using Tidal Smell Strip, the first step is to dilute the solution to approximately a 1:4 concentration. For reference, between 24 and 48 fluid ounces of Tidal Smell Strip will be needed for each gallon of water you are using.    

There are a couple of safety-related notes to know before applying Tidal Smell Strip. Firstly, although Tidal Smell Strip can be used in areas where food odors may be present, such as around dumpsters, it should not be applied to food products.   

Secondly, the user should consult Tidal Smell Strip’s Safety Data Sheet before using it for the first time. This document contains important safety information such as how to handle and store Tidal Smell Strip, how to respond to spills, and what level of personal protective equipment should be worn while working with it. Despite the fact that Tidal Smell Strip has low toxicity, it is still vital to understand these instructions to keep yourself and others safe!  

Helpful Characteristics of Tidal Smell Strip  

Tidal Smell Strip possesses a number of helpful characteristics that benefit both the user and the environment, such as: 

  • Nonflammable 
  • Low toxicity 
  • Low instability 
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors 
  • Formulated to be super-concentrated, making it both economical and eco-friendly  

Where to Purchase a Sewage Odor Neutralizer

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