Preptone As An MEK Alternative

Preptone: A Less Toxic Alternative To MEK

Methyl Ethyl Ketone is a solvent that is used on both an industrial and household level.

MEK is a solvent that is often avoided due to high toxicity and various health hazards, however MEK is actively sought out often due to its high evaporation rate, high boiling rate, and use as a strong cleaning agent.

Consumers often purchase MEK over another effective solvent, because MEK is typically sold inexpensively and gets the necessary task accomplished.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone is an effective adhesive and solvent, but many consumers are looking for less toxic alternatives that will prove to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

Preptone As An Alternative

Ecolink offers a simple solution to those who wish to avoid the health risks and toxicity associated with MEK.

Use Preptone instead!

Preptone is able to accomplish everything that MEK can, without the health and environmental hazards.

Preptone is created by blending ultra high-purity d-limonene in an acetone base.

Unlike MEK, Preptone features terpene solvents which enable it to be even more powerful than most ketone solvents.

Preptone is not only safer than Methyl ethyl ketone, but it is also more cost-efficient.

The acetone present in Preptone is VOC exempt, this quality enables its vapors and VOC content to remain below regulatory limits.

Companies are guaranteed to save money by avoiding chemicals that are hazardous and require costly disposal.

Why Choose Preptone?

Preptone has significant benefits that enable it to be a smart alternative to similar products that are more hazardous and more costly:

  • Powerful solvency.
  • Fast evaporation rate.
  • Vapor pressure lower than 45 mmHg, which is ideal for aerospace application.
  • Expertly imitates MEK or TCE.
  • Acetone blends smoothly with the d-limonene to create a broad spectrum, superior solvency.
  • Preptone is completely VOC compliant.


Preptone can be used similarly to MEK or TCE.

It is often utilized for industrial cleaning and as a laboratory solvent, and as an industrial solvent, and as a solvent in consumer products.

Preptone should not be used on metal and paint surfaces that are not compatible with acetone.

Safety and Handling

Much like MEK, Preptone is highly flammable and should be kept away from open heat sources.

Preptone should be stored in a cool and dry area.

When using Preptone, it is best to use protective gloves and eyewear as instructed by your SDS.

Preptone is not compatible with strong oxidizing agents.

Can cause central nervous system depression upon ingestion.

Vapors may irritate eyes, nose, and throat. Liquid is severely irritating to eyes.

Liquids are mildly irritating and can dry out skin.

If you would like to purchase Preptone as a safe and cost-efficient investment and an alternative to MEK, please call (800)-563-1305 or visit

Until you’re ready to move on from MEK, Ecolink can provide Methyl Ethyl Ketone online here or by calling the number listed above.