Non VOC parts cleaners

On January 1, 2015, government regulations brought down the curtain on what was previously one of the best non VOC parts cleaners on the market: ECOLINK 3005. Companies phased out the parts cleaner because one of its primary active ingredients, HCFC-225 (a.k.a. AK-225) was phased out due to its ozone depleting potential. However, just because ECOLINK 3005 is no longer a viable cleaning solution doesn’t mean that its cleaning power is off limits, too.

You may be unable to use ECOLINK 3005 in its original form, but you have the alternative of letting us create a custom solvent that has the same applications and benefits of the original but without the use of HCFC-225. With that in mind, let’s do a concise overview of the essential data for ECOLINK 3005 to see if a cleaner that has the same characteristics as its parent solvent would be a good fit for your company or organization’s precision parts cleaning requirements.

Essential Data for ECOLINK 3005
ECOLINK 3005 is an environmentally preferred, ultra high-purity cleaning agent for electrical contacts and precision parts. A custom blend of the cleaner that has the efficacy of ECOLINK 3005 but without the ozone depleting chemical HCFC-225 is an excellent replacement for solutions whose chemicals are more damaging to the environment (e.g., CFC-113, HCFC-141b, HCFC-225) and more toxic to humans (e.g., trichloroethylene and MEK).

A custom blend that improves the environmental safety of ECOLINK 3005 while delivering the same power of the original solution can be used for various cleaning operations that were once performed with solutions that contain the aforementioned chemicals. Applications would include:

  • Removing oil and hydraulic fluid from mechanical equipment
  • Cleaning handling soil from circuits before they are reassembled
  • Removing greasy accumulations from assembly line parts
  • Cleaning fiber optic connectors
  • Buffering gel from fiber optic cables
  • Removing contaminants from transmitters, amplifiers and transceivers
  • Cleaning soil from optical interfaces, electronic interfaces, and drive circuitry
  • Removing airborne dirt from printed circuit boards
  • Insulating residue from selector switches and relays

When used for these applications, a custom blend whose efficacy mirrors ECOLINK 3005’s delivers impressive benefits compared to competing non VOC parts cleaners. Especially noteworthy are the benefits for cleaning parts that are commonly found electrical equipment.

  • Non flammable formulation (i.e., no flashpoint)
  • Exceptionally fast evaporation
  • Excellent degreasing and defluxing power
  • Leaves no residue
  • Safe for various materials, including plastic

For many eco friendly companies and organizations, ECOLINK 3005 was the premier option among non VOC parts cleaners for maintaining the surface integrity of electrical contacts and precision parts. However, because HCFC-225 was phased out at the beginning of 2015, using the solvent hasis no longer been an option. There is, however, the option of having Ecolink create a custom cleaner that delivers the power of ECOLINK 3005 without using HCFC-225.

Contact Us for a Custom Solution
In addition to supplying stock cleaning solutions, we formulate custom solutions that are tailored to the needs of specific customers. If you need the cleaning capabilities of ECOLINK 3005 in a solution that is free of HCFC-225, please call us today at (800) 563-1305, or complete the contact form on our website. We look forward to providing options for non VOC parts cleaners!