Using a Non Flammable Solvent for a Parts Washer: What are the Advantages?

Non flammable substances are defined as substances that have no flashpoint, which is the temperature at which something ignites. As technology in the field of solvent chemistry has improved, highly efficacious, non flammable solvents have become increasingly available.

One area of use where non flammable solvents are especially advantageous is parts washing, particularly parts washing that uses a mechanical washing system that sequesters parts in a sealed chamber to create the perfect cleaning environment. Below, we look at four ways that using a non flammable solvent for a parts washer benefits practically every type of user.

  1. Improved Worker Safety

The lower the chance of a fire occurring in the parts cleaning environment, the greater the safety of employees who work in the environment. The danger of solvents that have a low flashpoint can be mitigated through the use of flame retardant personal protective equipment (PPE) that’s implemented to OSHA safety standards, but the equipment doesn’t come cheap. As an added bonus, using a non flammable solvent may allow you to use a lower level of PPE.

  1. Improved Equipment Safety

Imagine if an electrical malfunction in the parts washer created a spray of sparks that contacted highly flammable solvent in the washing chamber. Not only could the equipment go up in smoke, but your facility be incinerated, too. Because industrial grade parts washers are expensive pieces of precision machinery, it only makes sense to protect them by using solvents that have an excellent safety profile in terms of fire safety, whenever possible.

  1. Safer Solvent Storage

Large volumes of flammable solvent should ideally be stored in a fireproof room that contains no combustibles. Otherwise, the solvent supply could become a veritable powder keg that causes a small building fire to mushroom into a conflagration that destroys most or all of the facility.

Your organization’s insurance policy may cover such damage, but you would likely see a significant dip in productivity while you transitioned to a temporary business location in order for the original location to be rebuilt. Considering that the use of non flammable solvent for a parts washer could prevent such a catastrophe, it’s easy to see that the value of non flammable solvents extends beyond the parts cleaning operation.

  1. Safer Waste Disposal

After non flammable solvent enters the waste trap, you needn’t worry about it decreasing the fire safety of the trap. In fact, non flammable solvent may increase the waste trap’s fire safety by diluting flammable solvents in the trap with non flammable liquid. Non flammable liquid in the waste trap also improves safety for solvent waste disposal companies that visit your facility by decreasing the chance of a chemical fire igniting during the waste removal process.

Need Non Flammable Solvent for a Parts Washer?
If your organization is in the market for a non flammable solvent for a parts washer, Ecolink can supply the solvent you need. If one our stock products doesn’t meet your requirements, we can create a custom solution that does. We specialize in providing new generation solvents that have a better safety profile for humans and the environment than toxic solvents, without losing any of the cleaning power of the hazardous solvents they are designed to replace.

To get started on selecting your non flammable parts washing solvent, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!