Four Benefits of Non Flammable Solvent for Industrial Cleaning

Industrial work environments often contain sources of electricity and heat that could cause combustion if they come into contact with a flammable cleaning solvent. This is why companies and organizations that have industrial cleaning needs often make choosing a non flammable solvent a top priority. When it comes to investing in solvents for business-critical cleaning operations, users receive the following four benefits when they choose a non flammable solvent.

  1. Reduced Chance of Injury

When they are used to clean high-voltage electrical equipment that remains energized during cleaning, flammable solvents can facilitate dangerous arc flashes, which are defined as “electric [currents] that [immediately] pass through air when insulation or isolation between electrified conductors is no longer sufficient to withstand the applied voltage.”

According to a report from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), “Five to ten arc explosions occur in electric equipment every day in the United States,” and “More than 2,000

people are treated in burn centers with severe arc-flash injuries [each year].” Using a non flammable solvent for cleaning energized equipment can help reduce arc-flash injuries.

  1. Improved Equipment Protection

Workers aren’t the only ones that can be severely affected by arc-flashes. The equipment they use can be heavily damaged, too. Sometimes, the damage occurs because the equipment goes up in flames (this is especially common with switchgear that contains plastics). Equipment can also be damaged by the concussive force that high-voltage arc-flashes emit. Using a non flammable solvent can help protect both your workers and the equipment they must clean.

  1. Wider Range of Use

Why use a flammable degreaser to clean non-energized equipment and a non flammable degreaser to clean energized equipment, when you could use the latter type of degreaser for both applications? In addition to helping you save money, using a single, non flammable solvent for all degreasing operations helps simplify the cleaning process. It also prevents workers from accidentally using a flammable solution for applications that require a non flammable cleaner.

  1. More Storage Options

There are several places in industrial facilities where flammable solvents are not recommended to be stored, such as near switchgear, around furnaces that maintain a lit pilot light, in environments that have foam-based sound absorbers, and in storage rooms that contain plenty of combustibles. Using a non flammable solvent helps eliminate barriers to storing solvents — a benefit that can be especially helpful for small facilities where square footage is at a premium.

Need a Non Flammable Solvent for General Cleaning?
If so, Ecolink is ready to supply you with a non flammable cleaner that meets your requirements. For example, our Hypersolve™ cleaner is a non flammable solvent that conforms to the performance of propyl bromide (NPB) while offering a better safety profile than NPB solvents.

Ideal for precision cleaning, cold cleaning, and vapor degreasing, this product may be all that you need to satisfy your cleaning requirements for industrial parts and equipment. If not, we can present you with other viable options among our readymade cleaners, or we will create a custom, non flammable solvent that is tailored for your unique cleaning operations.

To place an order or receive information about Hypersolve™ and our other non flammable cleaners, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact page on our website. Let us supply you with non flammable solvents that meet all of your industrial cleaning needs!