N-Propyl Bromide – MSDS Approved Solvents

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently had an update regarding the Material Safety Data Sheet, or MSDS approved Solvents, among the topic of conversation was the compound chemical N-Propyl Bromide, which is increasingly being used as a drop in replacement for heavily regulated and banned substances such as perchloroethylene, TCE, and TCA. N-Propyl Bromide is commonly formulated in metal degreasers, industrial cleaning degreasers, degreasing solvents, and nonflammable degreasers. New information concerning hazardous materials is constantly emerging as the efficiency of research is consistently improving. In addition, as this cycle continues, more concerns arise regarding the reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, and carcinogenicity of the chemicals used in cleaning solutions and industrial solvents.

A recent review by an esteemed scientist revealed the disparity on the permissable exposure limits (PEL) recommended by chemical manufacturers as it pertains to N-Propyl Bromide. There are certain workplace exposure guidelines in place for almost every chemical, and it is important the precise research into exposure is frequently conducted to make sure people are not putting themselves in harms way when using these chemicals. As of right now, N-Propyl Bromide is considered not carcinogenic, and is still considered an MSDS approved solvent. However, based on the scientist’s conclusion, due to the disparity of opinion among those who have researched the chemical compound, a more thorough look into N-Propyl Bromide is needed soon to ensure that the chemical can remain on the list of MSDS approved solvents.

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