Isopar uses for metalworking

Isopar Uses for Metalworking

Isopar is well known for being an excellent ingredient for cleaning machinery. Most people do not know that Isopar is a fantastic choice when it comes to protect and clean metal surfaces, especially the ones that contain difficult parts that other chemicals are not capable of reaching them.

Advantages of Using Isopar in Metalworking:

  • Low toxicity
  • Low odor
  • Control friction
  • Reduce tool wear
  • Disperse heat
  • Low electric conductivity
  • High flash points for greater safety margins
  • High thermal and chemical stability for longer fluid life

Why Isopar is Good for Rust Prevention

Isopar fluids offers optimum control when it comes about performance and high level of safety. Also, Isopar fluids brings comfort and stability for their employees and customers.

Essentially Isopar Fluids Offer

  • High degrees of quality and consistency
  • Narrow boiling range
  • Lower toxicity and low odor
  • Significantly higher OELS

As Odorless Evaporating Oils, Isopar fluids offers properties such as:

  • Enabling the formulation of outstanding self-evaporating oils
  • Excellent performance with selected food contact applications
  • Provides a uniform spreading of the formulated oil on metal parts