Why is it beneficial to use Isopar M for industrial applications?

Benefits of Isopar M for Industrial Applications

Isopar M (CAS Number: 64742-47-8) is a product created from petroleum-based raw materials such as crude oil. This particular product possesses several advantages over conventional solvents such as kerosene and white spirit. One of the most beneficial components that Isopar M contains is that it is odorless, which can facilitate the workers when they are going to use this particular product. Also, Isopar M fluids possess the advantage of a flash point of more than 60 degrees Celcius meaning they do not qualify as dangerous goods under DG Transport regulations.

Most frequent uses of Isopar M:

Isopar M can work as a forming fluid in metalworking. Also, Isopar M is used as a cleaner and household polisher and as a liquid vaporizer. However, this product is not sold directly to the public, but it can be found as an ingredient in some consumer products.

Why is it safer for workers?

As mentioned before, Isopar M is virtually odorless which makes it more pleasant and comfortable to work with. Also, this product provides temporary protection against corrosion during forming operations without damaging parts. 

Why is it excellent for clients to use Isopar M? 

This product has excellent control of the forming process for the consumer’s product. Isopar M also provides exceptional comfort and protection for people who are continuously exposed to the product. One of the best features of Isopar M is that it has a low viscosity which is better for companies to work with because allows their formulas to become more mixable and have a smooth liquid. This product has low toxicity and is non-carcinogen. Also, it has lower risk exposure than other conventional products. This, mostly because one of the features is that Isopar M has low electrical conductivity and a low freezing point. It has a high chemical stability which makes it crucial to the essential industries when it comes to managing the product. Also, when it comes to using the product as a cleaner for manufacturing machines, it works excellent because it can make drastic improvements to the pieces of machinery. The most important feature of this product is that is completely reusable and easy to recover which is good for the environment.