is mek banned

Is MEK Banned? 

MEK is a common chemical solent used across many industries, but is MEK banned nationwide? While MEK is not nationally banned, there are some areas with strict VOC laws that have banned the use of various chemicals, including MEK. One area in particular that does have an MEK ban is southern california. This is because businesses and manufacturers who use VOCs must comply with the South Coast Air Quality Management District. However, much of the country does allow for the use of MEK for industrial and manufacturing purposes. MEK is even FDA approved for indirect food processing uses. So if you are trying to determine if youre practice is allowed to use MEK, you will have to check with local government ordinances to see if there are any specific chemical bans. If you are in an area, such as southern california, where MEK has been banned, there are many MEK alternatives that can be used in its place that do comply with VOC laws. If you are looking for a bulk chemical supplier that can provide you with MEK or environmentally prefered MEK alternatives, Ecolink help!

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Is MEK Banned And Where Can You Find Alternatives?

Is MEK banned in your area? If you need help finding an alternative or ordering MEK in bulk from a trusted chemical supplier, contact Ecolink here!