is mek banned

Is MEK Banned? 

Methyl ketone ethyl (MEK) is a colorless and sweet-scented chemical with a toxic composition. It is because of its hazardous makeup, that its legality has fallen into question. Is MEK banned? Despite its dangerous elements, MEK is legal and utilized by a multitude of industries. In this blog, we will further explain the attributes of this chemical and its legal status.

What Is It Used For?

MEK is a very versatile and defined substance, being able to be used as both a chemical as well as a solvent. Some processes or products that this substance can contribute to or be utilized for are:

  • Printing inks
  • Extraction
  • Adhesives
  • Lacquers
  • Paint removers
  • Removing wood stains

Exposure And Caution

Although these uses and more are essential to industrial success, this substance cannot be handled lightly. If exposed too, it can cause great damage to our senses. These can include our sight as well as our scent. And if exposure is elongated enough, it can lead to terminal illnesses such as cancer. So, we advise it to be utilized with great caution and in an environment that is designed to handle the possible consequences.

So is MEK banned? As confirmed by the Proposition 65 Implementation Program, the substance is NOT banned in California. This program does not prohibit the use of MEK and only warns that this chemical can negatively compromise human health. This program requires for all businesses in the state and those shipping to California to warn their consumers of a chemical’s danger.

Nevertheless, this should not deter you from using this if you would prefer it. We only encourage you to learn all that the chemical entails and to implement it safely.

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