What Are The Best Industrial Solvents for Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D printing, requires machinery to be cleaned with chemical solvents after use, but what are the best industrial solvents for additive manufacturing?  There several different industrial solvents that can be used to clean both the nozzle and print bed to remove leftover resin to prevent build up and damage. While there are many options you want to be sure you find a solvent that can effectively remove cured resin, ensuring your equipment is free of buildup, and runs properly. Some of the most effective industrial solvents for additive manufacturing are IPA (isopropyl alcohol), acetone, and dimethyl adipate.Before deciding on which solvent is the best option for your business, it is important to understand the differences and best uses for each of these solvents.

Industrial Solvent Characteristics and Uses

  • IPA – IPA is great for cleaning the print bed of your 3D printer to wipe away any resin that has gathered. IPA has a high evaporation rate, which will prevent pooling or moisture damage, and is strong enough to easily break up hardened resin. While IPA is not considered low VOC, it only requires minimal gear for safe handling.
  • Acetone – Acetone is a potent stripping and degreasing agent that is best used to clean your printer’s nozzle. Soaking the nozzle in acetone after use and cleaning with a wire tool will remove any clogging that prevents proper use. Acetone also has a high evaporation rate, making it a great solvent to clean intricate pieces as the acetone will quickly clean and evaporate on its own without leaving behind any pooling.
  • Dimethyl Adipate – This is a great low VOC alternative that is less volatile and safer to handle than harsher chemical solvents used to clean 3D printing devices. Dimethyl Adipate will clean and remove the majority buildup without damaging your equipment, but it is recommended to follow up with a quick IPA rinse to ensure all resin particles are removed. 

Looking to Purchase Industrial Solvents for Additive Manufacturing?

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