Industrial Parts Washer Solvents – Why Use Environmentally Preferred or All Natural Solutions?

Industrial parts washer solvents are important to manufacturing operations because they eliminate contaminants such as grease or dirt from components and machinery. Washers used for these processes come in a variety of forms including vapor degreasers, cold cleaning units, and conveyer driven equipment. Several cleaning solutions may be used to accomplish washing or degreasing processes. Industrial parts washer solvents can be petroleum-based, water-based, or organic in nature. A chosen cleaning solution greatly depends on the type of equipment being used along with the contaminants to be removed and the surface or part to be treated. Synthetic solvents create an excessive amount of waste that must be disposed of according to specified regulations. Government guidelines require all hazardous waste including liquids, filters, rags, and generated sludge to be managed by a specialized disposal company. Natural organic solvents offer a number of benefits because they produce less waste, decrease operational costs, and are eco-friendly.

Decrease Costs and Pollution by Eliminating Waste

Non-hazardous waste generated from aqueous solutions or organic solvents consisting of all natural materials can be discharged into the local sewer system as these by-products do not remain in the soil or water for an extended period of time. You must check the handling instructions on a product to make certain it is biodegradable prior to disposal. It is not always possible to use a completely non-hazardous solution in a washer; however, you can select the least harmful industrial parts washer solvents for facility use. The easiest way to determine the best option is to check the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before purchasing, choose a higher flash point solution, and substitute aqueous or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) cleaners when possible. An abundance of products are available to decrease generated waste, reduce emitted fumes, and create a safer working environment. Depending on the type of application, a non-flammable, low VOC aerosol or hand wipe solvent could be enough to do the trick.

Industrial parts washer solvents are purchasable for vapor degreasing or precision cleaning of surfaces with effective, less harmful materials. Specific products are designed for application to substrates such as metal, plastic, or electronic components. It is essential to make certain the selected product meets the precise removal needs of your company. Environmentally preferred solvents have low VOCs, excellent solvency, meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, have little to no odor, do not leave residue, and offer less harmful evaporative qualities. If you have been seeking a greener alternative to harsh chemicals used for cleaning or degreasing, a variety of products have been made available to work with parts washers. Contact a manufacturer to learn more about what options best suit your specific industrial parts washer solvent needs and then make a choice based on what will provide desired results with the least harm to the environment or workers. Harsh chemicals are not the only answer to your cleaning needs as many alternatives are just as effective and do not generate harmful wastes.

Industrial parts washer solvents are necessary in a number of industries for contaminant removal processes. For more information about environmentally friendly, low VOC products, please call (800) 886-8240 or email